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Fest With The Best

2016-10-07 02:12:16

Austin City Limits Music Festival Austin City Limits Music Festival Gary Clark Jr. At Austin City Limits Do Like the Locals Do: Greg Ackerman has a front row seat at every fantastic festival, sold-out show and secret house party. Following an introduction to the stage at an early age, he’s been covering live music in Austin since 2009. In addition to being a digital media strategist, foodie and travel buff, he’s a music-fan-turned-journalist. Foo Fighters at Austin City Limits Music Festival You can find him writing for several outlets, chief among them The Examiner. Here are Greg’s insights into the local scene, festival tips, best fests and the bands you should definitely put on your list. 5 TIPS TO MAKE THE BEST OF THE FEST Pacing is paramount. Be realistic about how many acts you can see over the duration. Burnout is real. Prioritize quality of experience over quantity of bands. It’s tempting to join the rush to the next band but staying until the end of the set has its own rewards. Immerse yourself in the experience. Document the show briefly (if that’s your thing) but focus on the performance. Diversify! Discover! See at least one band per day you haven’t seen or heard of before. That’s what it’s all about. After-shows are an excellent chance to see an act that rarely plays a small room. Leave some room in your schedule late-night. 3 MUST-HIT AUSTIN FESTIVALS Sound on Sound: The producers of this new fest put their love of music above all else and it shows in unique lineups, large but not overwhelming crowds and a fraternal atmosphere you wish every festival had. Levitation: Founded by Austin’s The Black Angels, this festival’s curated music reflects the tastes of the founders. Where else can I watch the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne get a tattoo then blow everyone away on stage? Free Week: This localbands- only event that runs the first 10 days of January has snowballed into a cover-free, local bands, micro version of SXSW. Greg with James Edward Bagshaw of Temples LOCAL BANDS TO WATCH » Ringo Deathstarr » My Jerusalem » Moving Panoramas » Sweet Spirit » Magna Carda

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